Jenny Mulligan had always been trouble.

Ever since she and my daughter, Lucy, had become friends shortly after their eighteenth birthdays, I had been on edge around her. Whereas Lucy looked like the ‘Grade A’ student that she was with her sensible clothing, long blonde hair and glasses, Jenny Mulligan was another thing entirely.

Despite the fact that she stood no taller than five feet two inches and possessed a slender frame, there was an aura of power and danger about Jenny, the feeling enhanced by the black skinny jeans and cropped vests that she constantly wore, exposing her heavily tattooed arms. Several times, I had tried to hold her gaze but each time, I had been the one to look away first, somehow intimidated by the face stating back at me. Not that Jenny was scary or unpleasant to look at, far from it in fact.

With her jet-black hair cut in a pixie type hairstyle and her deep brown eyes staring back from either side of a slightly upturned nose with one nostril pierced by a ring, she carried a look of intense elfin beauty that made me feel uneasy inside.

Yet despite her apparently innocent and faerie features, still I was worried that she was going to corrupt my daughter Lucy.

For six months, I withstood the urge to order my daughter to not have anything to do with Jenny, knowing that to do so was not the way that a decent parent should really behave, yet knowing inside that there was something amiss about the young woman that had become such an integral part of our lives.

It was mid-summer and I was working from home, or rather I was trying to work from home with little success due to the laughter an chatter that was rising up from Lucy and Jenny as they lounged about our pool. Sighing, shaking my head, I had risen from my desk and moved to the window of my study, looking down at the scene below. The sun was glaring down on the paved area around our pool and my daughter was lying face down in her sensible one-piece swimsuit upon a sun bed.

Turning my gaze from my daughter, I studied the figure that stood on the opposite side of the pool with her hands upon her hips and her tanned lithe body barely concealed in a black bikini.

Shaking my head at how confident the young woman seemed, knowing that at the same age I had been far less self-assured, I turned from the window and left my study; fully intending to head down to the kitchen and fetch myself a nice cold beverage.

Striding through the upper corridor, I paused as I passed Lucy’s bedroom, my attention grabbed by the buzz of a mobile phone.
For a moment, I considered what to do but then on impulse, I headed into my daughter’s bedroom, following the buzzing.

Frowning, I picked up the phone from Lucy’s bed, realising that it must be Jenny’s and then I began reading the message that she had received, certain that it would be about drugs or crime, thus proving that I had been right about her all along.

Yet it wasn’t about drugs or crime.
Not by a long shot.
Instead, it simply said;

-OK I will watch you tonite x-

Watch you?
Confused, I read the name of the sender; Darren.
Who was Darren and why was he going to watch Jenny?
Scrolling back through the earlier part of the message, my mouth went dry;

-Darren; so how do I find U? What site?-
-Jenny; Live-web-cam-shows, I am on at 10 tonight. Log on and watch me have sex live!-

 Mouth dry, head pounding at the implications of the text message, I suddenly flinched as I heard footsteps on the stairs.

Cursing softly, I dropped the phone and sprinted from the bedroom, my panic taking me straight into the linen cupboard opposite her open door. I just managed to get the door shut behind me and then I stood there, watching in silence as Jenny moved into sight and entered the bedroom opposite me.

Holding my breath, I stared out through the slatted surface of the door, watching as she entered the room and paused, her eyes on the phone that I had dropped it upon the bedroom carpet.
She bent at the waist to pick it up and I nearly groaned aloud at the sight of her small perfect arse bent over directly opposite me, the material little more than a black strip between her cheeks before widening slightly to cover her pussy.

For what seemed an age she stayed that way and then she rose and turned to leave my daughter’s bedroom only to pause in front of the cupboard where I was hiding, the hint of a smile playing along her full lips. Trying not to breathe, I stayed as still as I possibly could, my eyes lowering to take in the swell of her full breasts of the woman twenty years my junior, my gaze shifting to stare at the shape of her nipples poking through the black material. Then she was gone, leaving me alone with a throbbing erection and a burning curiosity.

That evening I was locked in my study at home once again having sent my wife and daughter to the movies with strict instructions to enjoy themselves and have a ton of fun.

I was dressed in just a pair of cotton shorts, the heat still heavy in the night air and as I sat before the PC monitor my palms were sweating.

Yet that had nothing to do with the heat and humidity, and absolutely everything to do with the fact that I was about to watch my eighteen year old daughter’s best friend online.

Earlier that evening, once my wife and daughter had left the house, I had joined the site that I had first heard mentioned in the text from the mysterious Darren to Jenny, costing me $50.

Then I had settled down to wait for Jenny Mulligan to appear.

Spot on 10pm the screen before me flickered, the websites banner and name fading away to reveal the familiar figure of Jenny sat upon the edge of a large bed, her figure clad in what appeared to the same swimsuit from earlier. With a faint smile, Jenny had addressed the camera before her, making it appear as if she was actually talking to me, “Are you ready to watch me?”
Without thinking, I nodded, embarrassment touching me as I realised what I had done. On the screen, Jenny was cupping her right breast in a hand, her thumb brushing over her nipple, “I have a very special show planned tonight guys and gals!”
Frowning, I watched as she raised the mobile phone that I had seen earlier that day, and began to text as she continued to talk to the camera, “The show tonight is dedicated to one man in particular…I am sure they will know who they are in a moment”

With that she lowered the phone and I nodded in understanding, “Ah right…Darren”
I nearly had a heart attack as my mobile phone suddenly buzzed in my pocket, and thinking that perhaps it was my wife or daughter trying to get hold off me I snatched it out and read the message;

-I hope you enjoy my show Mr Matthews. I know you enjoyed watching me earlier. I hope you like webcam girls as much. Jenny x-

 Dumbstruck, I turned back to stare at the screen as Jenny reached back to unfasten her bra and then cast it aside.
Cupping her firm breasts, she licked her lips as she stared at the camera, “How would you like to squeeze my big tits like this?”

“Hell yeah” I muttered, my shorts jutting out before me as I watched, unable to turn my eyes away from the scene on screen.

Releasing her grip on her tits, Jenny rose with the grace of a ballet dancer and lowered her hands, sinking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and then bending forward, she slowly drew them down her long legs. Straightening up once more, she kicked her right foot, sending the black panties sailing off towards the camera and then passed and out of sight.

Blinking hard, I watched as Jenny sat back down on the surface of the bed, her thighs wide open to show off her shaven pussy as she licked her lips once more and laid back down flat.

Mind tilting, cock straining, I watched as she reached down, her fingers tracing the puffy outlines of her pussy lips, her head lifting to stare down her body into the camera as she pushed a finger inside herself, “Do you want to do this to me?”
Again, I mumbled a confirmation and on the bed, Jenny pushed another finger in beside the first, her thighs opening wider still.

Reaching down, I grasped the broad base of my hard cock in my right hand and began to stroke it, grunting at the feeling it sent through my groin, my pace increasing to match that of Jenny as she began to frig herself faster and faster, her body bucking and squirming upon the bed. Letting out a curse as a wave of pleasure surged through me, I leaned closer to the screen, watching as the juices of my daughter’s best friend began to show on her pussy, the sound of her fingers working away growing wetter and wetter by the second. Shaking my head, unable to believe that I was actually sitting here watching Jenny finger herself, I wanked harder, wishing that she was with me.
As if sensing my thoughts, the young woman removed her fingers from her dripping pussy and rolled to her knees, her arse facing me and her head down and to the side as she stared back at the camera, “Imagine you are kneeling behind me”
I nodded, knowing that she was talking to me, my imagination racing as she reached back and pulled herself wide, “Oooh put your big fat cock in me please…please!”
“Fuck” I grunted, shaking my head again, “Fuck yeah!”
“Mmmm” she groaned upon the bed, her tongue snaking out to lick her lips as she pretended I was pushing into her, “Oh it feels so big….oh your cock is so fat!”
She reached back then, pushing three fingers inside herself, slowly beginning to grind herself back onto the digits as I cursed and groaned in my study, wanking at the screen as I imagined her looking back up at me, moaning in ecstasy, her wet tightness gripping at my cock like a pot of honey.

Without warning, Jenny twisted about, producing a large dildo from somewhere and plunging it into her open mouth, her lips sliding as she suck and moaned at it like a thing possessed.

“Damn” I muttered in my study, imagining that the rubber length in her mouth was my cock as she licked and sucked at it.

Dragging it free from her mouth, she wanked it slowly over her face, “Oh yeah…you dirty fucking bastard…come in my face!”
With a roar, I unloaded, my spunk shooting from my cock to spatter the screen, balls convulsing as I came again and again, shooting ream after ream of semen like a pressurized hose.

Feeling like a broken man, I sat back in my chair, my sticky cock slowly wilting against my thigh as on screen, jenny licked at her lips, pretending to scoop up dollops of cum before sucking it off her finger. Then she winked at the camera, sending a message directly to me, “I hope you enjoyed the show”

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