I have never got on with mums new husband, my step-dad Joe.

They got together when I was just leaving to move away to college and so I wasn’t there to advise my mum on my opinion of him, to gently steer her away from the guy I didn’t like.

In truth, I guess there was nothing overly wrong with him.
He just wasn’t my dad and the thought of another man being in my home alone with my mother while I was away left me cold.

Anyway, my years at college flew by and soon I had graduated and was heading home to live with the pair of them.

The first few days were a nightmare.
Since they had been together, I had only met him five times including their rushed wedding. Now I was living with the man.

To be honest I thought I could handle it until I came downstairs one morning to find the pair of them leaning up against the wall in the kitchen kissing passionately like a pair of teenagers.

For a moment, I had stood there in silence watching them kiss and stroke each other, captivated by the difference in them; my mother being short, slender and blonde with glasses and he, Joe, being large, muscled, bald and black.
Suffice to say that with a cough, I alerted them to my presence.

Blushing, my mother had stepped quickly away from her new husband and hurried about the kitchen, clucking after me like a mother hen until with a groan and a roll of my eyes, I left the house to start my new job as an accountant in our hometown.

My first day on the job went better and faster than I had ever imagined it would and before I knew it, the day was over.

Yet instead of returning home to the house where I now felt like a stranger, I headed for the local bar and proceeded to drown my sorrows. It was halfway through the evening when my mobile phone had rung and sighing, I had accepted the call from my mother only to find that her Aunt, my great aunt, was seriously ill in Nebraska and that she had left to go visit her.

My stomach had knotted at the thought and grimacing, I had asked my mother if that meant that I was going to have to live at the house alone with Joe until she returned from her visit.

I could almost sense the irritation in her voice as she replied, “No, I have told him to go stay with some friends till I get back”
Feeling guilty at putting my poor mother in the middle, I had shaken my head, “No, it’s fine, I will go to a friends…Laura is always asking me to stay over”

“Well, the offer is there” she stated, “Right, I have to go, bye”

Placing the phone away, I finished my drink and then headed off to call a taxi to get me to my friend’s house for the night.

Imagine my horror, when half an hour later the taxi pulled up outside my mother’s home and with shock, I realised that in my drunken state, I had told the driver the wrong address to go to!
Cursing myself for a fool, knowing that I didn’t have enough money for him to take me elsewhere, I had clambered from the vehicle and stood staring up at the house with embarrassment.

For a moment, I considered turning around and walking to my friends house but I was already extremely tipsy and there was no guarantee that I would be able to find my way there safely.
That left going into my own home.
It should be fine. After all, my mother had told me that Joe would be going to stay with his family until her return after all.

Smiling at the thought of finally getting some alone time, I unlocked the door and went inside, leaving the lights off as I headed straight upstairs to my bedroom at the rear of the house.

In a matter of minutes, I had changed into a beige satin nightie and was about to clamber into bed when I realised that I needed a drink of milk before bed to settle my stomach.

Making my way down to the kitchen, I froze as I passed by what had once been my childhood games room, the sound of a deep male voice making me stick to the spot in abject terror.
Were we being burgaled?
Were there thieves in my home!
For the first time since knowing him, I wished that Joe was there, knowing that his huge powerful form was more than enough to scare off anyone who dared to break into our home.

That was when I recognised the deep laugh from the room.
It was Joe!

Suddenly filled with an intense anger, furious that he had actually returned to the house even though my mother had told me he was going to stay with friends, I stormed towards the door of the small study only to freeze as I saw my reflection in the small glass window of the lounge doors. How could I possibly go storming in to shout at my stepfather while I was dressed in little more than a short satin nightie that barely covered my large breasts or my tanned thighs?

Cursing inwardly, I was about to turn away and head back to my room when I heard him mutter, “Damn, that’s hot!”
What the fuck?
Frowning, I edged closer to the door, peering down through the keyhole to spy into the room beyond, determined to find out just what the Hell was going on here while my mother was away.

Directly in front of the keyholes angle, the screen of the home computer sat on the desk and I narrowed my eyes, trying to make out just what the images upon its wide surface were.
I grunted in shock as I saw the naked woman, stroking her breasts while she giggled, “Do you like my tits?”
“Oh Hell yeah” the bass voice of my stepfather had me angling my gaze through the keyhole as best as I could, my eyes widening as I found him sitting completely naked in the chair opposite the PC, his muscled legs stretched out before him.

Yet it was not the muscles of his lower limbs that had me so captivated but rather the thick, long black cock in his hand.

Wide-eyed, I watched as he slowly slid a hand up its length and then back down, squeezing tight as he addressed the woman on the screen, “Lick your nipple baby!”
On the screen, the woman did as instructed, her tongue swirling around her the breast she was holding and I shuddered as I realised that my own nipples had suddenly gone hard as well.

Trying to focus, I turned my gaze back to Joe, my eyes dropping to marvel at his huge cock again as he continued to stroke it and give the woman upon the screen instructions. Shaking my head, I wondered how on Earth my mother was able to take such a beast inside her. The longest cock that I had ever seen had belonged to my ex, and his had been just five inches long, less than half the size of the monster my stepdad was pulling on.

Without thinking, my right hand moved down between my legs, my fingers touching at the damp spot on my panties that shouldn’t be there, ashamed of finding myself suddenly attracted to the man that I couldn’t stand, my heart hammering in my chest each time I lowered my gaze to his big cock and balls.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted, speeding up his hand as he wanked, his voice low and husky, “I fucking love live sex shows!”
“Do you?” the woman on the screen cooed, less than sincere.

“Fuck yeah” he grunted, the sound deep and animal-like, “Yes I do, there is nothing like webcam sex!”

“Oooh” the woman chuckled, “You sound excited”
“Oh yeah baby” Joe murmured, still tossing himself off, “I swear down you are lucky you ain’t here with them big titties!”

“Hell yeah” he nodded, his face bestial and hungry with lust, “I swear if you were here, I would fuck you so hard…I need pussy!”

My own pussy seemed to explode at his coarse words and cringing, I tried to clamp my legs together to stop the juices that were beginning to run down my inner thighs from my wet hole.

“What would you do to me?” the woman on the screen asked and he gave a deep throaty chuckle, eyes wide with excitement.

“First I would push my cock in your mouth and make you suck me…then I would bend you over and fuck you like an animal!”
My mind tilted then, addled by drink and his foul language.
With a gasp, I staggered off balance and fell forwards against the door, hands reaching out to stop my rapid descent.

With a crash, the door swung open and I dropped to my hands and knees before him, my full heavy breasts swinging free of my top as I landed on all fours. With a gasp and a curse, Joe leaped to his feet and turned to face me, and I moaned in delirium as I saw his fat cock swaying just inches from my pretty features.

Time seemed to slow, a heavy silence descending upon us both and then the woman on the screen spoke, “Are you still there?”
“Yeah” he grunted, his eyes still fixed to my big swinging tits.

Trembling, I rose to my feet to stand facing him, our eyes locked together and then on instinct, I reached out to stroke his cock. The effect of my hand upon his dick was instantaneous.

With a soft growl, he stepped against me, his cock swelling and twitching in his hands as he grasped at one of my large breasts in his right hand and pulled me tight against him with his left.

I groaned as he kissed me, his hot tongue seeking mine for several minutes as we stood in a tight embrace, him squeezing my tits and me wanking his big cock with slow long strokes.

On impulse, I dropped to my knees before him, smothering the end of his cock with the hot velvet of my mouth, my hands cupping his huge balls as I bobbed my head on his big dick.

I lost all track of time as I sucked him, occasionally sliding my mouth from his swollen helmet to coat the shaft with the broad spade of my tongue or to tongue his hairy balls into my mouth.

All the time, the woman on the screen was playing with herself, unaware that we were naked before her, as she pushed several fingers into her pussy, moaning as she frigged herself off.
With a grunt, Joe pulled his cock away from my mouth and pushed me back down into the armchair, hoisting my thighs over his broad shoulders as he speared his hot tongue in between the lips of my pussy, two big fingers sliding into me.

Closing my eyes, I gave myself over to the sensation as he tongued away at my pussy, eating me with a technique and dedication I had never known from young men my own age.

Suddenly he broke away and staring down between us, I had the briefest of moments to panic as I saw him grasp his big hard cock in a hand and steer it between my legs. I grunted as his swollen head pushed past my lips and into me, filling me in a way that I had never known before, going deeper until I was on the verge of blacking out from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Without warning, he slowly withdrew and then pushed it back inside me, deeper than before and I managed to gargle a groan of ecstasy, my eyes rolling in my head as he grabbed one of my big tits in each hand and then began to fuck me like a machine.

As he pounded away at me, I managed to stare past him with blurry vision, focusing as best as I could on the woman upon the screen as she began to use a big rubber dildo on herself, her voice excited as she cried out, “Oh God yes, I’m cumming!”
With a gasp and a shudder, I repeated her words, my head spinning with the ferocity of my orgasm and then I was gasping in shock as I felt Joe shoot a huge amount of spunk up inside me, his guttural roar a sound of raw intense emotion.

Leaning forwards to kiss me again, he withdrew his shrinking cock with a soft plop and then rose before me, smiling, “So…does this mean that the pair of us are friends now?”
Through heavy lidded eyes, I held his gaze, “Don’t talk soft!”

Joe laughed, turning to study the woman fingering herself on the PC screen for a moment. Then he turned back to grin down at me, “Fair enough…we don’t need to be friends”
“No we don’t” I confirmed, my eyes dropping to study his big cock as it began to twitch back into life, “Now shut up and let me clean that big black cock!”

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